Vision and Strategy

The vision

PROFINEX Group has ambitions to become major company of the 3rd millennium. Business divisions development is managed in a way to make them economically strong and significant subjects in the existing and prospective European markets. Our intention is to implement projects and offer services with high added value and distinctive mark of professionalism and experience. "The expansion of the company and its achievement abroad is a driving force which makes us to go ahead and convinces us that we move in the right direction," says JUDr. Roman Kvasnička, COB of Directors PROFINEX Group.

The strategy

The aim of PROFINEX Group is to maintain its position of significant business in regional scale of Slovakia and also strengthen its position as an interesting and credible partner on European level, as well as in countries waiting for the EU membership. Our intention is to increase the value of PROFINEX® brand to make it significant company asset.