About us

PROFINEX Group is a group of commercial-investment companies which has been active on the Slovak market since 2000. From its establishment, it has been run by a stable and successful management engaged in the real estate and investment industry.  From originally a local player we expanded to the whole Europe.

The PROFINEX Group consists of an integrated unit of several divisions, subsidiary and sister companies, providing comprehensive services not only in the field of  development and construction, but also in commodity trading and private equity all across Europe. The key of our success in all four sectors is our commitment to establish a sustainable business, led by talented and motivated expert teams working in each section of the company.

PROFINEX Group, s.r.o. belongs to positively oriented market subjects and for this reason, we search for equally strong domestic and foreign partners in order to secure co-operation on our future projects. The motto of the PROFINEX Group – professionalism and experience, is also fulfilled by the co-operation with several prestigious firms including the area of consultancy or funding of some projects. We are an active member of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for instance we contributed in 2013 when we became one of the founding members of the Slovak-Chinese Joint Business Council.