PROFINEX Group is focused on property development activities such as logistics, industrial construction and retail, but its portfolio also includes residential segment (namely, construction of houses, flats, multipurpose buildings and civil objects). PROFINEX is the owner of several major sites, particularly attractive for clients accustomed to comfort and healthy environment.

In addition to above mentioned businesses, company divisions are gradually entering segments of environmental and power structures which we realize for the investment groups, as well as for end users in this sector. Noteworthy is undoubtedly also our presence in the agriculture sector, in which we purchase agricultural land in order to make its use more effective.

Professional legal and economic services

PROFINEX Group is also provider of professional legal and financial advisory services in construction development business. We provide renowned experts in the field for our clients, because our priority is to work from the client's perspective– to minimize complexity of the project and maximize comfort in reaching the final decisions.

Your time savings

PROFINEX Group takes the position of the active project investor always in three consequent stages. In the preparatory phase we evaluate the feasibility of the project (using assessment tools, such as feasibility study, due diligence, etc.). In the next phase we solve land purchase, legal, economic and technical audit, design, obtaining necessary permits, construction and implementation, while in the final phase we include actual sale or lease of completed project.