News about our development activities:

PRŠIANSKA TERASA - the largest residential project in Banska Bystrica

09/08/2014 - After completion of the paved access road with pavements and public lighting in territorial location F we began the process of final inspection for the paths and lighting to the maximum living comfort of our clients.

07/31/2014 - In 3. land area - G we are launching the resale of ready to build land. There are estates with engineering system pre-build having an average area of 590 m2.

MILETIČOVA 60 - multipurpose building with apartments in Bratislava

04/07/2015 - Mileticova 60 has become best selling new development project in Bratislava for the first quarter of 2015! More info >>

02/02/2015 - Sales of apartments in our new development project Mileticova 60 has already started! More info >>

Investor PROFINEX holding brings attractive housing to Bratislava's business area and close to all the benefits of the city. Price of apartments starts at 49 900 €.

12/15/2014 - Valid building permits for a multifunctional building and parking house. Official start of sales coming soon.

09/05/2014 - The project is at this time in the late phase of the formal proceedings, whilst we are preparing an information campaign about the sale of apartments and commercial space.

LIPTOVSKÝ JÁN - living down under Tatras

09/22/2015 - Take the opportunity to buy the Last newly completed flats in standard version, including kitchen! The last free flat with 60.9 square meters - no.5A with parking place and and co-ownership share on adjacent land.

To the exclusive ownership of the apartment belongs also 29 square meters of land right by the patio doors from the living room for your maximum comfort and relax! More info www.bytyliptovskyjan.sk/en