PRŠIANSKA TERASA - the largest residential project in Banska Bystrica region


We offer building plot for sale near the centre of Banská Bystrica in location destined to attractive and undisturbed living in the lap of nature. The site has about 110 m elevation from nearby historic centre and so offers unique view of „the city under the Urpín hill", but also of nearby Kremnické hills and surrounding mountains of Low Tatras. Clean air and positive energy of nature are the right reasons for the selection of Pršianska terrace locality!


After completion of the paved access road with pavements and public lighting in territorial location F we began the process of final inspection for the paths and lighting to the maximum living comfort of our clients.



In 3. land area - G we are launching the resale of ready to build land. There are estates with engineering system pre-build having an average area of 590 m2.